Fully customizable Computer Programming Tutorials for Christian Middle & High School Computer Science Teachers​

Every kid or teenager who plays video games wishes they knew how to write their very own video games!   With our  Computer Bible Games Programming Tutorials, your students can learn to develop their own Computer Bible Games and other career building computer applications with no teacher programming experience needed. Our self-study and self-paced  computer programming tutorials have been used  by teachers all over the world for over 30 years. 

We currently offer computer programming tutorials for Microsoft Small Basic, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C#, and Oracle Java.  The Microsoft Small Basic Programming Track is designed for students starting at 10 years of age and above.   Our Visual Basic Express,  Visual C# Express, and Java Tutorials are designed for eighth grade students through adult.

So where should your student start? If you or your student have no previous computer programming experience, we highly recommend you start with our Microsoft “Small Basic” Programming Track for beginners. If you personally have experience with Visual Basic, Visual C# or Java and you want to provide some personal coaching and guidance to your students along the way, we suggest you pick the computer language you are most familiar with.  If you and your students are both new to computer programming, just start with the Small Basic  below.  

Once your students have successfully completed our Small Basic tutorial they can easily move right into any of the other Beginning Programming Language tutorials.  All of our programming tutorials can be teacher facilitated or self-study.  Students ages 10 – 12 may need some assistance with advanced math concepts like square roots.​  So with that introduction, let’s review each of our “teacher-friendly” self-study computer programming tutorials in more detail.

small basic

Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basic

COMPUTER BIBLE GAMES FOR MICROSOFT SMALL BASIC is a self-paced “beginner” programming tutorial. This tutorial consists of 13 chapters explaining (in simple, easy-to-follow terms) how to build Computer Bible Games in Microsoft’s Small Basic programming language for beginners.

Computer Bible Games with Visual Basic

COMPUTER BIBLE GAMES WITH VISUAL C#® EXPRESS is a semester long self-paced “beginning”programming tutorial consisting of 13 chapters explaining (in simple, easy-to-follow terms) how to build a C# Express Windows applications and Computer Bible Games.

Computer Bible Games with Visual C#

COMPUTER BIBLE GAMES WITH VISUAL C#® is a semester long self-paced “beginning”programming tutorial consisting of 13 chapters explaining (in simple, easy-to-follow terms) how to build a C# Windows applications and Computer Bible Games.

Computer Bible Games with Java

COMPUTER BIBLE GAMES WITH JAVA is a semester long self-paced  “advanced” programming tutorial consisting of 7 chapters explaining how to build a Java® Computer Bible Games.  This Tutorial requires a complete understanding of the Java Swing Control Library before attempting it so it is a very Advanced Java Tutorial.  Must complete our pre-requisite BEGINNING JAVA and  LEARN JAVA GUI APPLICATIONS courses


​”Phil Conrod has a passion for writing tutorials and books aimed at beginner program​​mers and he’s done an excellentjob of covering all the fundamentals of Small Basic programming.” 

“I like the tutorials. They were easy to follow using laymen’s terms.”

“The tutorials were really good to use.  I have a very small class of 3 and I found them to be much better than a book.”

“Third Day Games would be thrilled if every child who played our video games would learn how to develop Bible-based Christian video games themselves. BibleByte Books produces a wonderful Computer Science For Kids Curriculum that we believe will help train up the next generation of Christian game developers. The games industry desperately needs talented game developers, who are also Christians, to help build the next generation of Bible-based Christian video games . Learning a computer programming language early in life will give your child a great head start in the wonderful field of computer programming and give them the opportunity to use their skills to further the Kingdom.”

“In this age of technology we are seeing an explosion of knowledge in the area of computer science. The possibilities of growth and development with the use of computers in Christian Education are staggering and Conrod’s book is a step in the right direction. Conrod’s use of games to introduce and reinforce Biblical truth makes learning fun for both children and adults.”

“My son is 12 years old and is in the 7th grade. My son found this program extremely easy to use.  The material in the Computer Science for Kids program was presented in a way that even a middle school or high school student who has never seen a computer before would be able to pick up and follow the self-paced tutorial guides with ease.  There are more challenging exercises included that are intended for 7th through 12 graders, and he kept begging me to complete those as well. Of course I said yes. How often do I hear my son beg to do school work?  I think the Computer Science for Kids tutorials are a great introduction to computer programming for middle school students.”

“A useful supplementary text for Christian school computer classes. Great for beginning programmers. This book is a wonderful start in an area much neglected by thinking Christians. It is hoped that this book is only the pioneer in what will become an earth-shaking Christian software industry.”

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