2017 CGDC Session – “Designing and Developing a 3D Adventure Game Using C# and Unity 3D”  

Co-presenting with Kris Murray. In this session, Kris and Phil demonstrated how they designed and developed their 3D Exodus Bible Adventure Game step-by-step programming tutorial using Unity 3D and C#.  They covered the Game Design Document (GDD) , 3rd Person Controller, User Control in the 3rd Person, Mini-map and World Maps, Actor Animation Controller, Dialogue System, Cinematics and Cut-scenes, Menu System and UI,  Inventory Management, Building Levels, Game Music, Skybox Controller, Saving Player State, Quest Journal, Mini-games, Populating the Game World, Troubleshooting, Game Distribution and Community-Building. They also presented a demo alpha game slice of the commercial PC & MAC 3D Adventure game based on Kris’ historical Christian Adventure novel.

Phil Conrod of BibleByte Games and Kris Murray present on their newly released tutorial at CGDC 2017.

Posted by The Christian Game Developers Conference on Friday, July 21, 2017