2017 CGDC Session – “Designing and Developing a 3D Adventure Game Using C# and Unity 3D: The Exodus Adventure”  

Kris and Phil demonstrated how they designed and developed their 3D Exodus Adventure step-by-step Game Programming tutorial using Unity 3D and C#.  At a very high levvel they covered the Game Design Document (GDD), 3rd Person Controller, User Control in the 3rd Person, Mini-map and World Maps, Actor Animation Controller, Dialogue System, Cinematics and Cut-scenes, Menu System and UI,  Inventory Management, Building Levels, Game Music, Skybox Controller, Saving Player State, Quest Journal, Mini-games, Populating the Game World, and Troubleshooting.

Come by our booth in the CGDC Demo Grounds to see the new vertical slice of  our  commercial PC Game code named “Exodus: God of the Slaves”.  The PC Game is based on the historical Christian novel of the same name written by Kris Murray and published by BibleByte Books.