BibleByte Books has been publishing high-quality Bible Based computer programming tutorials for Christian schools, homeschools, and computer enthusiasts for over 30 years. Our curriculum uses industry-standard programming  languages  like Microsoft® Small Basic, Visual Basic®, Visual C#®, Unity®, and Oracle®​ JavaTM.

We help your students to become successful coders and programmers!

Christian Schools
Our Christian Computer Science Teacher’s Kits are a fully customizable programming curriculum for Private Christian Middle School and High School Computer Science Teachers. The Teacher Edit​ion allows a teacher to customize and distribute the self-study and/or instructor-led computer programming curriculum.

Christian Homeschool
This Beginning Christian Homeschool Computer Science for Kids series  is a at home self-study  computer programming curriculum designed for the Christian Homeschool student.  We offer four different self-study computer programming language tracks for Christian Homeschool students.