Phil Conrod Joins the Christian Game Developer’s Conference (CGDC) Board of Directors

The Christian Game Developers Conference Board of Directors announced that they welcomed Phil Conrod as a new Board Member in 2019. Phil Conrod has been working in both Game Development and Information Technology for over forty years. In the early 1980s, he was a full-time game developer with over two dozen published titles.  After the North America Video Game Crash (1983-1985), he took a full-time technology job in Corporate America and his game publishing company became a part-time business for him. Over the past 34 years, he has served in many different IT leadership roles at several different large corporations including Sundstrand, SAFECO, Kenworth Truck Company, PACCAR and Darigold. He last served as the Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer for Darigold for over a decade (Got Milk?). He has also published over two dozen textbooks which are used in K-12 schools & universities to help teach App & Game programming. You can read more about his many apps, games and textbook tutorials at and

Phil is very honored and humbled to serve the Christian Game Developers Community on the CGDC Board of Directors. Please let him know how he can serve the CGDC community in this new Board Member role.