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The Conrod Family co-founded BIBLEBYTES  in 1982 to publish a series of Bible-based Computer Games for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer.  The Conrod family originally released the following titles; Bible Scramble Games,The Memory Verse Games, The Quail Game, Moses’ Rod, Noah’s Ark, The Church Growth Game, Heavenly Mansions, The Exodus Game, Manna from Heaven, The Rapture Game, and Daniel & the Lion’s Den. They also developed a checkbook management and auditing system under the company name of Command Plus.   In 1983, the Bible Computer Games were then ported to the Texas Instruments TI-99  and the Timex Sinclair computer systems. Click here to view some of the original computer systems we developed our games on back in those early days of micro-computers.  BIBLEBYTES distributed their Bible-based learning games at Christian bookstores and church conferences.

In 1983, the Conrods assembled the Bible Computer Games they had written into an easy to use textbook tutorial format which could be used by beginning programming students to learn the BASIC computer programming language. The book was designed to be used as a supplementary computer programming textbook.  In November 1983, the Conrods signed a publishing agreement with Accent Publications for their first COMPUTER BIBLE GAMES programming book.  The first “COMPUTER BIBLE GAMES” programming textbook was officially published on January 1, 1984 by Ac’cent Books for the Radio Shack TRS-80, Texas Instruments TI-99 and Timex Sinclair micro-computer systems.  

The book received its first media review in the July issue of Christian Bookseller Magazine.  Randall R. Warren wrote, “Computer Bible Games is one of the first of what will no doubt will be a long line of programs and ideas for using a home computer for Christian education and recreation.”

The Bible Computer Games software package was then ported and released on the Apple IIe, Commodore 64, Commodore,, and CP/M MBASIC computer platforms in 1984. Ac’cent Books asked the Conrods to write a second computer programming book covering the Applesoft, Commodore, and CP/M MBASIC computer systems. COMPUTER BIBLE GAMES – BOOK 2 was published on July 1, 1984 by Ac’cent Books.  The second book also received positive reviews. 

Doug Vos, founder of the Christian Computer Users Association said the book was, “A useful supplementary text for Christian school computer classes. Great for beginning programmers. This book is a wonderful start in an area much neglected by thinking Christians. It is hoped that this book is only the pioneer in what will become an earth-shaking Christian software industry.” 

Don Dengerink, Christian Education and Technology Consultant said,  “In this age of technology we are seeing an explosion of knowledge in the area of computer science. The possibilities of growth and development with the use of computers in Christian Education are staggering and Conrod’s book is a step in the right direction. Conrod’s use of games to introduce and reinforce Biblical truth makes learning fun for both children and adults.” 

After Accent Publishing decided not to publish our Computer Bible Games for Microsoft DOS in 1986, Phil Conrod founded PC ENTERPRISES to publish a new series of Computer Bible Games for the fast growing IBM PC/MS-DOS platform.  Our  COMPUTER BIBLE GAMES FOR MS-DOS GW-BASIC & QUICKBASIC included the Microsoft BASIC source code for all our original Bible Computer Games:

Bible Scramble Games,The Memory Verse Games, The Quail Game, Moses’ Rod, Noah’s Ark, The Church Growth Game, Heavenly Mansions, The Exodus Game, Manna from Heaven, The Rapture Game, and Daniel & the Lion’s Den.

We also added the following new Computer Bible Games that were written exclusively for the IBM PC-DOS / MS-DOS Compatible platform: The Lost Coin Game, Elijah and The Ravens, David and the Giants, Journey of the Wise Men, The Sermon on the Mount, The Sheep and the Goats, The Good Shepherd, Paul & the Jailer, The Prodigal Son Game, Old Testament Books I & II, New Testament Books I & II, Bible Books I & II, Bible Who is it, Where is it, and What is it, The Bible BAGELS Series and The Bible TOE-TAC-TIC Series.

In 1991, we started porting our Computer Bible Games to the fast growing Microsoft Windows GUI platform.  The classic games we  decided to port to Windows were Noah’s Ark, Elijah & The Ravens, Daniel & The Lions,  The Good  Shepherd, The Prodigal Son, The Lost Coin Adventure and two of our Exodus themed games (e.g. The Exodus Game & Moses Rod).  The rest of  our classic Computer Bible Games were retired with the MS-DOS Operating System.

In 2010, we published several Computer Bible Game programming tutorial textbooks for Microsoft Small Basic 1.0, Visual Basic 2010, Visual C# 2010 and Oracle Java v6 under our new BibleByte Books trade name using the source code from our classic Computer Bible Games for Windows. 

In 2015, we replace our More Bible & Kid Games with Visual C# tutorial textbook with our new Moses’ Rod Unity 3D C# Game Programming tutorial using Unity Version 4. 

In 2017, we replaced our Moses Rod Unity 3D Version 4 C# Game Programming textbook tutorial with a new Unity 3D C# Game Design and Programming tutorial called “Introduction to Unity 3D using C#: The Exodus Adventure: 2017 Edition”.  We also published a companion historical Christian novel called “Exodus: God of the Slaves” written by Kris Murray.

In 2020, we  bundled our commercial Exodus Vigil PC Game with the Introduction to Unity 3D using C#: The Exodus Adventure: 2018.4 LTS 2nd Edition textbook tutorial and Kris Murray’s Historic Christian novel, “Exodus: God of the Slaves” in a Special 3 Pack Paperback Textbook Tutorial + Commercial Game + Paperback Novel Book bundle (when purchased directly from our BibleByteBooks.com website).  This special 3 Pack bundle is only available from our website for a limited time and is not available in bookstores.

Today, BibleByte Books & Games continues to publish our award winning Programming Tutorials for beginning middle-school and high-school students using the latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, Apache NetBeans, Epic Unreal Engine and Unity.  You can find our paperback books in popular Bookstores like:



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Below are links to the latest “digital” editions of each of these award winning computer programming tutorials for students.

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