Introduction to Unity 3D with C#:
The Exodus Adventure

 A 3D Game Programming Tutorial

2nd Edition

For Unity 2018.4 LTS

This Textbook Tutorial is NOT compatible with newer versions of Unity (2019.3+) and is No Longer Supported and has been Discontinued!  If you purchase a Used 2nd Hand Copy of this Textbook Tutorial is NOT supported and there are No Download Files Available for Used Book Purchases.  You can also NO LONGER purchase this edition of the Tutorial Textbook Brand New on any Online Bookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble as they are out of stock!  Beware of counterfeit digital versions of this tutorial!

 Good News:  We are currently working on a Unity 2022.3 LTS version of this textbook tutorial, but this new edition will have different features than the old Unity 2018.4 version of this tutorial.     Please check back on this webpage regularly to see when we plan to publish the new 2022 LTS Edition of this Tutorial.

In the meantime, you can purchase the Single Player Exodus Vigil “Video Game” (which was inspired by this textbook tutorial) for Windows or MacOS PCs on Steam today:

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Introduction to Unity 3D with C# – The Exodus Adventure  (For Unity 2018.4 LTS)

The Introduction to Unity 3D with C# Game Design and Programming Tutorial (Table of Contentsteaches you how to build a high quality 3rd Person 3D Puzzle Adventure game based on the Book of Exodus.  Students are provided with high quality 3D Character models and 3D Environment models to work with.  We also provide the  game soundtrack complete with stingers and combat music for the students to use.    Our unique Unity 3D C# Game Programming Tutorial will explain in a detailed step-by-step process (with screenshots) how to design, develop and build a 3D Bible Adventure Game using Unity 3D 2018.4 LTS  with the following game mechanics:

– 3rd person controller using mecanim that can walk, run, jump, turn, crouch, and  interact with objects
– Interact with actors and objects
– Display Dialogue to the player
– Item Management
– Main Quests to advance the plot
– Side Quests to immerse the player in the times
– Explore the environment
– Full screen map and mini-map showing key locations
– Quest Journal to manage quests
– Solve a variety of puzzles
– Cut-scenes for dialogue without player intervention
– 2 Cinematic for Game Opening and Ending
– 3D Character Models using the Unity Multipurpose Avatar (UMA)

This is the largest Game Programming Tutorial that we have ever published! You will definitely need a high speed broadband internet connection to download all the projects files, high quality 3D models, soundtrack and all the associated multi-media files. You will also need a pretty powerful mid-range  Intel i5+  gaming computer with a Discreet High Definition (HD) GPU Graphics Card with a minimum of 4GB of video memory.  This tutorial also requires Unity 2018.4 LTS (long Term Support).  This tutorial also requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition.   This tutorial will not work with newer versions of Unity as it depends on Unity 2018.4 LTS features. If you are looking to our 1st Edition 2017 Tutorial for Unity 2017 & MonoDevelop C# click here.   It is also discontinued, unsupported and Out of Print.  The tutorial textbook bundle is also no longer available for purchase.  If you are interested in signing up for our Unity 2022.3 LTS beta playtest, contact us.

This textbook tutorial was based on the Exodus Vigil PC & MAC Game  and historical Christian novel, written by Kris Murray, called Exodus: God of the Slaves.

Novel: Exodus: God of the Slaves Story:  A new god comes to Egypt and sends his emissary ahead of him. A declaration of war is made that shakes the Egyptian pantheon to its core. Four young Egyptian soldiers witness the wonder as disaster upon disaster befall their homeland. Follow Yalu, Nebit, Badru, and Tau as they experience the plagues on Egypt for themselves. Yalu, a natural leader tries to survive as he attempts to overcome his past. Nebit carves out her own path with her daggers, leaving deception in her wake. Apprenticed to Pharaoh’s chief magician, Badru attempts to make sense of the battle that rages on above their heads. Tau fights on to win glory and honor for himself. How will they respond as the statues of the gods they’ve known all their lives crumble to the ground all around them? Feel how the Egyptians felt as war rages across their pantheon. Relive the familiar Exodus story set in the exotic land of Egypt from a fresh new perspective. Rediscover the wonders and signs from God of the Slaves.  You can purchase the book at your favorite online bookstore like

Reviews for the bundled Exodus: God of the Slaves Historical Christian Novel:

  • The book invites you into the story through the intimacy of the characters who live it out.- – Pastor Chuck Gaines, Historian and Theologian
  • I recommend this book to anyone looking for an adventurous new take on an old story.- – Andy Hoch, Bible Study Fellowship Area Coordinator
  • It captures both the fascinating wonder and fear, which comes from searching and making sense of what has been divinely revealed.- – Pastor Glenn Pon, Chinese Grace Bible Church

What Others Are Saying About The Unity 3D C# Tutorial:

“The Exodus Adventure – Introduction to C# with Unity 3D is an excellent resource for aspiring programmers and game designers from middle-school to adult! The tutorials are very accessible (and humorous) and are enhanced by important screenshots and visuals of the Unity game engine in action. Furthermore, the material provided helps to prove the viability of fun Bible based games! I will be utilizing this for my Game Engines class this Fall and will also be adding it to my middle school daughter’s home curriculum. This is both a great primer for C# and a strong introduction to Unity and the principles of game development in general!” – Rich Tanner, Clinical Professor of Digital Entertainment Technology, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX

“The BibleByte Books team have created an excellent learning tool that was not previously available anywhere in the world until now.  They have combined a Unity 3D learning game development  environment along with the Bible as you create a game!  As a Bible-based ministry that works with youth, we found the Exodus Adventure Unity 3D C# tutorial to be the perfect combination we were looking for!  Each lesson is well thought out, challenging, but not too difficult.  The visuals are really great as well.  We are super excited to incorporate it into our regular youth training program! “– Ben Myers – Inner-City Movement, Upper Darby, PA

“The Exodus Adventure Tutorial is a great way to learn about coding and game development in a fun environment. Learning Unity and C# has become more exciting and productive. The pictures and instructions in this tutorial are extremely helpful and clear compared to other tutorials and textbooks. it combines educational and instructive information while keeping it lighthearted with the characters within the tutorial. The opportunity to build a visually appealing role playing game with code that you write is a great experience. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about coding and wants to see immediate visual results through game building.” – Zachary Gong, Systems Support Analyst, Elk Grove, CA 

“My name is Scott Adams and I was honored to write the Foreword to this incredible 3D game programming tutorial.  I am one of the earliest founders of the home computer gaming industry. My experience with computer Adventure type games dates back to 1978 when I created the first commercially available adventure for home computers.   Today’s game studios spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on artists and designers to create modern games.  So how does one go about creating such a game on their own or learn the tools that the studios use?   That is where this Unity 3D C# tutorial textbook comes in. It opens up the world of Unity 3D and provides all the game assets of art and scripting to create a real masterpiece of a game.  As a nascent game creator you will be shown how to take full advantage of the Unity 3D system to build the game, then you will also have all the assets of that game to use in your own creations later.   You are starting an incredible journey where you are going be learn the tools you need to make games. Once you have that foundation, you will be limited only by your own imagination! You have a great deal of fun waiting for you in the pages of this textbook.  Happy Adventuring!”   Scott Adams,,

Hebrew 3D Unity Multipurpose Character Models:

Egyptian 3D Unity Multipurpose Character Models:

Bird’s Eye Overview Map of the City Game Level

One Hour Tutorial Overview Presentation Video by Kris Murray & Phil Conrod

(Filmed By a Fan @ CGDC 2017)

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