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The Missionary Journeys of Paul is an open world multi-player RPG played across many different and varying Biblical locations around the Mediterranean Sea.  The player is surrounded by New Testament Biblical Characters like Paul, John Mark, Barnabas, etc. and has to learn a variety of different skills in conjunction with other players in order to help Paul complete his missionary journeys.

Player Character: Setup your race, stats, and classes and how you want characters to look like.

Skills: A fully featured skill system which allows you to open up skills when players level up with XP and/or level up their skill by using it like the old UO style gameplay.

Abilities: Different abilities that can get when you learn certain skills. You can use these abilities in a wide range of ways from evangelism to crafting to professions.

Crafting System: Crafting recipes up to 16 ingredients with crafting skills required for specific recipe along with crafting station. Looking at supporting grid based crafting or crafting book with experience based option.

Merchant Tables: NPC merchants their stock to players

Currencies:  Currencies that can be also automatically converted by changing for example 100 copper into 1 silver.

Build System: Claim a right to some land, build houses, farms, trading posts, synagogues and churches.

Resource  System: Gather-able resources like a pile of rocks, plants, trees, fishing ponds and  rewards for gathering them.

Weather System: Real world with full day & night cycle including fully featured weather conditions like rain ans sunshine .

Pets  System:  Acquire Pets like dogs, cats and sheep to follow you around

Race system: Play as a Roman, or Israelite or as Egyptian.

Mail System: Allows you to send messages directly to other players. You can attach items or currency as well.

Mounts: Saddle your horse or donkey, which can give additional speed

Guilds: Create a guild,  manage members list (roster), assign roles, promote/demote

Grouping: Group your players for roman arenas, dungeons or to just adventure in the world and complete more challenges quests. Promote leader or even kick unwanted players out of your group

Inventory System: Manage your items and bags, expand your storage by using banker or built chests or storehouses.  View equipped items and their statistics with visually presented popups with items comparison.

In Game Chat: Different Channels like: whisper, group, guild, collaboration, and worldwide with linkable abilities and items with a popup on hovers like in most MMO games and resizeable chatbox allows you to handle messages with easy.

The Story:

Acts 13:4-14:28 – So Barnabas and Paul went down from Syrian Antioch to Seleucia and from there sailed off to Cyprus. On their arrival at Salamis they began to proclaim God’s message in the Jewish synagogues, having John (Mark) as their assistant.

As they made their way through the island as far as Paphos they came across a man named Bar-Jesus, a Jew who was both a false prophet and a magician. This man was attached to Sergius Paulus, the proconsul (or Roman governor of the island province of Cyprus), who was himself a man of intelligence. (Barnabas and Paul are summoned before Sergius, clash with Bar-Jesus, and Sergius Paulus becomes a believer.)


Teaser Video:

The Concept Art For Our New Testament Open World RPG Series:

Introducing The Apostle Paul 3D Character Model



John Mark

Exploring the Town

Special thanks to Gordon Smith for his Nautical Research that contributed to the historical accuracy of this Series of 3D Bible Adventure Games.

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