​​​Unreal Engine RPG Blueprints

Game Development Tutorial Textbook

Learn to Develop Computer Bible Adventure Games For PC & MAC  using the Epic Unreal Engine

More Information Coming Summer 2018!

So you want to build your own RPG Game using the Unreal Game Engine 4? Our RPG Blueprints Tutorial is a great way to learn how to build your own RPG Game. It comes with a pre-built stylistic dungeon (containing more than 35 individual assets). It uses highly modular assets which makes creating ​ your own Bible Story RPG an easy task!  We show you how to create a simple  RPG Game based on the story of Paul & the Jailor which is found in Acts 16:25 – 40.   It is completely done in Unreal Blueprints and it includes a lot of the standard features you would expect from a Unreal Engine RPG Blueprint template.

Current RPG Features:
  – UI / HUD System: Completely done in UMG.
  – Inventory System: Including looting system & different types of items like weapons, armor and items.
  – Character Stats: Set up attributes like strength, agility etc. Includes a XP-system with level ups.
  – Class system: Including a Main Menu / Starting Screen where you can select different classes/characters.
  – Animations: The system comes with a set of medieval animations for sword/shield combat.
  ​​​​- Enemies: Two different enemies (melee & ranged caster). Driven by configurable behavior trees.

The BibleByte Books & Games Unreal Game Engine 4 RPG Game Design & Development Blueprint ​Tutorial is an ideal starting point for creating your very own RPG game.  More information on this new tutorial will be coming in 2018!