BibleByte Books to publish Kris Murray’s Exodus: God of the Slaves: Bringer of War Historical Novel

As announced at the Christian Game Developers Conference in 2016 at Multnomah College in Portland Oregon,  Kris Murray is working with BibleByte Books ​ to publish Kris’ Exodus: God of the Slaves: Bringer of War Historical Novel.  Kris will also join our team to help co-develop our newest Unity 3D Bible Adventure game computer programming tutorial and Exodus Vigil 3D Adventure game.

The new Unity 3D C# programming tutorial will teach teens how to develop there own 3D Adventure games using C# and Unity 3D.  We are planning to launch the new 3D programming tutorial tentatively called Introduction to C# Using Unity 3D: The Exodus Adventure at CGDC 2017 which will be held in Portland, Oregon.

You can follow Kris Murray’s Game Developer log and historic novel updates at his Facebook page here:

You can find more information about our  new Unity 3D C# Game Programming Tutorial at: