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Chloe Conrod Delivers Inspirational Game Development Talk At The 2020 Christian Games Developers Conference (CGDC)

Chloe Conrod delivers an inspirational game development talk at the 2020 Christian Games Developers Conference (CGDC) on August 30, 2020! Click on the link below to view her talk on the CGDC YouTube Channel:   Summary of Chloe’s Talk: Throughout the years, gaming has created a beautiful and mesmerizing way to escape the real world. […]

Join BibleByte Books & Games Live at the Virtual 2020 Christian Games Developers Conference (CGDC) 8-29-2020 to 8-30-2020!

Please Join BibleByte Books & Games live and online at the Virtual 2020 Christian Games Developers Conference from 8-29-2020 to 8-30-2020!  Our own Chloe Conrod will be giving an inspirational talk on Game Development on Saturday at 11:30am PST.  Click here to register for this event!     8/30/2020 – Post Conference Update!  You can […]

BibleByte Books Published Kris Murray’s Exodus: God of the Slaves Historical Christian Novel

BibleByte Books ​ published Kris Murray’s ‘ Exodus: God of the Slaves Historical Christian Novel on March 11, 2017.  The book is available in bookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  It is also available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle.   You can purchase the novel as part of the Exodus Adventure Game Development bundle here.  You can follow Kris Murray’s […]

Phil Conrod Receives the Christian Game Developer’s Conference 2016 Barnabas Award

The Christian Game Developer’s Conference Board of Directors presented the Barnabas Award to Phil Conrod at the 2016 Christian Game Developers Conference at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon.  The Barnabas Award recognizes individual(s) who greatly contributed to the Christian Game Development Industry and/or the Christian Game Developers Conference mission.  Phil graciously accepted the award on behalf of the entire […]