New Game Project: The Missionary Journeys of Paul PC/MAC Role Playing Games (RPG) is Currently In Development


As announced at the Christian Game Developers Conference​ (CGDC 2014) in Portland Oregon, BibleByte Books & Games is working on a new Computer Based Role Playing Games (RPG)  based on the Missionary Journeys of Paul.  This RPG Game will actually be an PC/MAC Based Adventure Game and will not be a game programming tutorial.  We expect it will take many years to develop as it is quite large in its scope and a very small team is working on it in their spare time.

The  is tentatively ​ called The Missionary Journeys of Paul.  You can track the development of this game  ​project here.


New Project: Point & Click 3D Exodus Adventure Game In Development


BibleByte Books & Game started re-imagining ​our original text based Exodus Adventure game (which was originally developed using BASIC  back in 1986)​ as a new 3D Point & Click Bible Adventure Game in 2012.  We needed a new 3D Game Engine to develop the re-imagined Exodus Adventure game so we switched our game development environment from Microsoft Visual C# XNA 2012 to Unity 3D C#.   Vlado started creating the Egyptian City 3D Models back in 2013 and continues to expand them in Unity 3D.

You can find more infomation about and track our new 3D Game Programming Tutorial at: