Chloe Conrod Delivers Inspirational Game Development Talk At The 2020 Christian Games Developers Conference (CGDC)

Chloe Conrod delivers an inspirational game development talk at the 2020 Christian Games Developers Conference (CGDC) on August 30, 2020! Click on the link below to view her talk on the CGDC YouTube Channel:


Summary of Chloe’s Talk:
Throughout the years, gaming has created a beautiful and mesmerizing way to escape the real world. Hundreds of these amazing creations have been released towards those of multiple generations, and have been used as an inspiration towards other aspiring game developers on what they may want to create. However, it is never a rare case for a game developer to feel burdened with the over-piling work that they have to face. From financial problems to feeling weighed down by the comments of our audience, to being exhausted from all of our hard work and wondering if we should start over, there are many in the gaming industry who have decided to quit. But, the truth is, our failures actually come from not realizing how close that we were to success, until we gave up. Us, being only human, need to realize how far that each and every one of us have come from where we originally started. Whether it’s been years of constantly working on a game, to just beginning to piece together what you want to create, or even having only attended this conference to spark and further your interest, each of us have something to be proud of. Now, this is where many of you may ask, “But, why me?” And to that, I will explain an even more important question, “Why not you?”