Phil Conrod Receives the Christian Game Developer’s Conference 2016 Barnabas Award

The Christian Game Developer’s Conference Board of Directors presented the Barnabas Award to Phil Conrod at the 2016 Christian Game Developers Conference at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon.  The Barnabas Award recognizes individual(s) who greatly contributed to the Christian Game Development Industry and/or the Christian Game Developers Conference mission.  Phil graciously accepted the award on behalf of the entire Conrod family and BibleByte Books & Games.  John, Joyce, and Phil Conrod were early pioneers in the 1980s publishing the first commercially successful Computer Bible Games series in Christian Books Stores and conferences.  Seth Crofton is pictured here presenting the Barnabas award to Phil Conrod.



Phil Conrod Delivers Opening Keynote Session at the 2016 Christian Game Developer’s Conference

BibleByte Books to publish Kris Murray’s Exodus: God of the Slaves: Bringer of War Historical Novel

As announced at the Christian Game Developers Conference in 2016 at Multnomah College in Portland Oregon,  Kris Murray is working with BibleByte Books ​ to publish Kris’ Exodus: God of the Slaves: Bringer of War Historical Novel.  Kris will also join our team to help co-develop our newest Unity 3D Bible Adventure game computer programming tutorial and Exodus Vigil 3D Adventure game.

The new Unity 3D C# programming tutorial will teach teens how to develop there own 3D Adventure games using C# and Unity 3D.  We are planning to launch the new 3D programming tutorial tentatively called Introduction to C# Using Unity 3D: The Exodus Adventure at CGDC 2017 which will be held in Portland, Oregon.

You can follow Kris Murray’s Game Developer log and historic novel updates at his Facebook page here:

You can find more information about our  new Unity 3D C# Game Programming Tutorial at: